The agritourism can host up to 60 people and offer them our culinary delights.

A preliminary announcement is required as food is prepared fresh avery day.

Margerita's recipes are based on a seasonal selection of raw materials and offer our guests a large share of our own products.

It would be too long to list all our goodies, so we will only mention a few: homemade bread, top quality salami and other cured meat specialties, herb spreads, egg “frtalja”, “toč”, gnocchi, pasta, beef and season soups, excellent homemade sausages, oven-baked pork ribs or filled pork tenderloin and of course we cannot forget seasonal desserts. Following our grandmother’s recipes, Margerita also prepares “potica” or cooked “štruklji”.

Delicacies’ tasting at our agritourism

A nice tasting corner has been arranged in the indoor part of the house, in front of the cellar. If previously booked, it is possible to arrange a tasting and presentation of our cured meat products and wines, as well as a visit to the farm. You can also purchase products.

Do you want to taste and feel what home-made flavors were like in the old days?

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