The pigs for slaughter are being fed and bred on the farm. They are very important in the processing as they are the raw material for cured meat products.
Pigs are fed with barley and maize, and in the summer months, they are fed with clover and grass, as well.
We slaughter pigs in our own slaughterhouse. We also perform pig slaughter services.
Processed meat is used for the needs of the agritourism and for the further drying of cured meat products.


It is a lengthy process that requires a pleasant climate, mild Mediterranean air, relative humidity and mild winters. All this allows for traditional drying and maturing of meat products in the fresh air, which gives our products a special flavor and smell, just like in old times.

The final product

We offer high-quality cured meat products, such as prosciutto, salami, rolled pancetta, Miren pancetta, ossocollo, speck, pressed meat “tlačenka”, sausage, “krodegin” sauseges or “kožarica”, cracklings etc.

Do you want to taste and feel what home-made flavors were like in the old days?

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