At the agritourism we are happy to welcome organized groups, which can be served only with a light lunch/brunch or a lunch. We can offer such groups a short presentation of our area and its surroundings.

Miren Castle

Miren Castle is a hill above the village of Miren near Nova Gorica. In its history, the castle was an important strategic point both in the First and Second World Wars. It got its name from the medieval castle. Today it is a popular pilgrimage and excursion point. The castle is home to the Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

Tower of Cerje

In Park miru (Peace Park), which covers the area from Mount Trstelj to Lake Doberdò, stands a monument for the defenders of Slovenian soil on Cerje. The interior of the monument is divided into floors that represents the history of the Slovene nation over time. A magnificent view of Vipava Valley, Julian Alps, Veneto and the Gulf of Trieste opens from Cerje.

Leatherworking shoe museum Miren (Usnjarsko-čevljarski muzej Miren)

The shoe industry has a centuries-old tradition in Miren. In 2007, the native Pavel Petejan arranged a museum in which he presents a history of homemade crafts. Visitors can take a look at machines and equipment, which were sometimes used by domestic craftsmen. On the walls there can also be found old photographs that testify to the development of shoe production in Miren.

Spomni se name Museum (Remember me)

Miren is a quiet place with a rich cultural heritage and the cemetery and the Spomni se name Museum are proof of that. The border between the then Yugoslavia and Italy unreasonably divided the uniform area of ​​the Goriška region, which is clearly shown in very Miren as the cemetery is divided into two parts. This division revealed the tragedy that time brought.

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